Platinum Series

Our customers repeatedly asked our consultants over the last few years whether we could supply a range of products that were 'high end', organic where possible, and the range had to be of the highest quality, as a result we went out and spoke with various manufacturers globally to piece together a range of products that we have released as the Platinum Series.


Platinum Slumber Infused Massage Oil (PL-204)

Exclusively produced and presented in a contemporary glass bottle, the Platinum Slumber massage oil is infused with wild raspberries plus a secret ingredient to help you fully unwind and de-stress, Platinum Slumber is for those that want to experience a deep state of relaxation!

Platinum “happy lips” Organic Lip Gloss (PL-216 Naked, PL-217 Sassy)

Organic ‘plumping’ lip gloss available in two different colours, naked and sassy, each lip gloss is packed with vitamin E and natural plant essence, if you are looking for luxurious and long lasting organic lip gloss….then try these!

Platinum Lashes (PL-202)

Our biggest seller!....Extend your eyelashes by up to 300% with this fibre lash mascara pack, each Platinum Lashes pack has approximately 60 applications and won’t damage your eyelashes, the fibres used in Platinum Lashes are made from green tea and totally safe! And to remove, all you need to do is wipe your eyes with warm water….it is that easy!

Platinum Body Butter (PL-210 Wild Mango, PL-212 Chunky Lemon, PL-213 Iced Green Tea)

Smooth, creamy, luxurious and moisturising! These body butters are made under an exclusive licence and exclusive to the Platinum Series of products.

Platinum Warming Massage Oil (PL-205 Naked Strawberry, PL-206 Intense Vanilla)

Simply luxurious, a true warming infused massage oil that provides a heavenly sensation when applied, another two great aromatherapy products from the Platinum Series product range.

Platinum Massage Cream (PL-203) 

A smooth creamy peppermint scented massage cream with all natural ingredients, for those that enjoy a luxurious massage product that is second to none!

Platinum Massage Candles (PL-207 Passion Orange, PL-208 Freshly Brewed Coffee, PL-209 Pure Raspberry)

Reach new heights of relaxation and atmosphere with these aromatic soy massage candles, once heated up, the candle produces moisturising massage oil that can be applied directly onto the skin. These soy candles are made from natural ingredients, another quality aromatherapy product from the Platinum Series range.

Platinum Body Balm (PL-214 Raspberry Extreme, PL-215 Banana Smoothie)

Platinum Body Balms are made with all natural ingredients and enriched with fruit essence.  These products are ideal when you are looking for an ultra moisturiser. Have you experienced too much sun? Skin extremely dried out? Then you need Platinum Body Balm to provide an effective treatment on those areas that need ultra attention….your skin will be in debt to you! Ideal for tradesman or those that spent lengthy periods exposed to sunlight.